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Lost in the crowd

9 April 1987
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Hello, my name is Marc Pilon. I'm 24, and am going to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I am persuing my masters in Atmospheric Science (Meteorology). I have an Atmo Sci and Basic Mathematics BS under my belt all ready.

I come from a really small town called Niagara, Wisconsin where I have lived all my life. It is directly on the boarder of the Upper Penisula of Michigan and Wisconsin and is basically in the middle of no where.

My interest and hobbies are far and wide. I tend to really hold tightly the things that make me happy in life, hence why I have very strong interests in certain things.

Although I am going to school to become a meteorologist and a mathematician, my heart is really in music. I play piano and have been playing for about 21 years now. I am completely self taught and I can not read music. I write my own music and I can somewhat sing...or so I have been told. I play from rock piano to classical and everwhere in between. I got turned away from going to school for music because of my guidence counselor and the fact that I didn't know how to read music or know the fundamentals. It's one of my bigger regrets in life.

If you ever want to know more just ask me. I guarentee I will tell you what you need to know.